ClosingCorp Pedicab Sponsorship

ClosingCorp Pedicab Sponsorship

San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter, SD Convention Center, MBA Annual Conference 2015

3 days during the MBA Annual Conference in October, 2015

ClosingCorp were exhibitors at the MBA Annual Conference in San Diego during October, 2015. They wanted to make an impression and stand out at the conference. ClosingCorp is based in San Diego, and they wanted to offer a true “San Diego experience” to their prospective clients (pedicabs are a quintessential part of the San Diego tourist experience). In addition, ClosingCorp wanted to offer complimentary transportation from the convention center to their private party after the first day of the convention.

VIP Pedicab Outdoor Media offered 10 pedicabs, fully wrapped with the ClosingCorp logo and artwork. In addition, our drivers were dressed in ClosingCorp branded t-shirts.
Throughout the entire 3-day campaign the branded pedicabs offered dedicated exposure by remaining outside the major entrance/exit to the convention center for 8 hours each day, offering rides for convention attendees to their hotels, restaurants and shops. The pedicabs also engaged in a “pedicab parade” at the end of each day, down 5th Ave toward the convention center and around the harbor, which generated a great deal of excitement and organic social media exposure.
During ClosingCorp’s private party, the 10 branded pedicabs offered free rides from the convention center and major hotels to the Diamond View Tower where the party took place. Customers were then interviewed by ClosingCorp employees upon their arrival, asking how they enjoyed the pedicab experience and free service.

Campaign Details:
10 fully-branded pedicabs, dedicated location service, free rides for duration of special event, pedicab parade at end of each day, social media exposure.
3 days, 8-hour promotional days

Campaign Results:
Over 300,000 total impressions generated

“Thank you so much, you guys are awesome!” -Carol Crawford, Sr. VP Marketing, ClosingCorp


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