GM Pedicab Sponsorship

GM Pedicab Sponsorship

NMSDC 2015 General Motors Campaign

San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter, SD Convention Center, NMSDC 2015 Convention

4 days during the NMSDC 2015 convention in October

The organizers of the 2015 NMSDC convention wanted to include our pedicab media services as part of the sponsorship packages offered to their exhibitors. The pedicabs would add value to the sponsorship packages by offering their exhibitors a creative way to stand out at the conference and gain exposure around San Diego.

We offered the NMSDC a package of our services which included free rides for convention attendees, branding and advertising, literature distribution, dedicated location and social media engagement. The NMSDC organizers sold this sponsorship package to General Motors.
We wrapped 10 pedicabs with the GM logo, and these pedicabs offered free rides to all NMSDC attendees, up to 10 hours per day for 4 days. In an unprecedented move, our GM pedicabs were even allowed to park on a portion of the SDCC property, allowing for a more integrative and comfortable experience.
At the end of each day, our GM pedicabs engaged in a “pedicab parade” around the perimeter of the convention center, allowing for maximum exposure during peak hours and organic social media reach. We even hired a professional videographer to take drone footage of the campaign and make a short video, free of charge to GM and the NMSDC convention.

Campaign Details:
10 fully-branded pedicabs, free rides for 10 hours/day over 4 days, pedicab parades, social media exposure, drone footage

Campaign Results:
Over 400,000 total impressions generated.

“You guys are doing a great job! The sponsors (GM) are loving it, everyone at the convention is talking about their branded pedicabs!”
-Suzette Eaddy, Vice President - Conferences, Meetings & Events for NMSDC​

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