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Our Founder and CEO Ali Horuz

Ali Horuz came to America in 2003 with some strong entrepreneurial skills and a willingness to work hard. He began working as a pedicab driver, a job that he kept for two years. During this time, he started putting together a business plan where he could form his own pedicab company.
Ali wasn’t just daydreaming as he was riding around the streets of San Diego; he was formulating a sound business strategy. By 2005, he was able to open his own business. He started with one pedicab and by 2009, had grown his business to where he was the largest pedicab outfit in San Diego.
Ali didn’t stop there. Instead, he began offering advertising to local businesses. He was fortunate enough to establish a good relationship with the Comic Con Convention early on. The Comic Con Convention has grown in popularity over the years and they’re always looking for entertaining and unique advertising ideas.
For the past six years, Ali Horuz and VIP Pedicabs have worked very closely with Comic Con. Each year the convention attracts more people and each year, the need for outrageously funny pedicabs to haul conventions-goers around, grows as well.

The future is very bright for VIP Pedicabs and Ali Horuz. He envisions growing his business to the national level and becoming the best in the industry. Because of the increased demand for highly original and often outlandish advertising campaigns, Ali has not been able to locate pedicabs that will meet his specific requirements.

In the style of a true entrepreneur, he is now designing and fabricating his own bikes. Over the years, Ali has provided valuable assistance to the city of San Diego and many of its businesses. He often provides free advertising for city fundraising campaigns and counts himself lucky to have a few good friends in high places.

Ali has a true passion for what he does and he is continuously working toward elevating his very unique “Green Powered” business model to the next level.


Featured on CNN

We will be featured on CNN in February with Mike Rowe's show Somebody's Gotta Do It. Our pedicab business was chosen over 50 other businesses in San Diego for this show.


Guest Speaker at San Diego State

Ali Horuz invited to speak at Innovation and Creativity class at San Diego State University inspired the students about creativity, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Guest Speaker at Chula Vista High School

Ali Horuz was a guest speaker at the Chula Vista High School. Spoke to the young kids about entrepreneurship.


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