CBS – Bar Bike Build Out

cbs barbike


San Diego, Gaslamp District, San Diego Comic-Con, SD Convention Center


5 days during SD Comic-Con 2015

Campaign Details:

One modified bar bike equipped with a functional led display around the perimeter, interactive rides around downtown San Diego during Comic-Con week.


Over 800,000 impressions generated over 5 days.


CBS came to us merely 2 weeks before Comic-Con 2015 with a specific project in mind. They wanted us to transform one of our bar bikes into an interactive, multi-media mobile screening room to promote their new Late Show host Stephen Colbert. We had never done anything of this nature, especially with such short notice, but that did not stop us. We accepted.


We worked day and night make modifications to bar bike. Ultimately we added black vinyl strips as well as a metallic chrome finish around the exterior of the bike for aesthetic detail. Then we added a functional LED TV and display strip on the sides of the bike, which played snippets from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as well as 7 other CBS shows, including: Scorpion, Limitless, Supergirl, Under the Dome, Cordan, Extant and Zoo.
During Comic-Con. We allowed patrons to ride around on the bike and experience the media bike first-hand, which proved to generate extraordinary social media impressions.