HBO – Game of Thrones Pedicab Sponsorship

game of thrones


San Diego, Gaslamp District, SD Convention Center, Comic-Con


Recurred; Week of SD Comic-Con 2011-2017

Campaign Details:

10 pedicabs, specially designed to look like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, offering free rides up to 10 hours per day, all week during Comic-Con.


Over 50,000,000 impressions generated over 6 years, thousands of organic shares and likes across social media platforms.


HBO wanted to promote their hit show Game of Thrones at San Diego Comic-Con. The week of Comic-Con is insanely hectic, with masses of people crowding downtown San Diego and countless brands vying to compete with each other, so HBO knew they needed to come up with a campaign that was unique, exciting and memorable.


VIP Pedicab Outdoor Media offered 10 pedicabs to swarm the downtown San Diego area and offer free rides to anyone who needed, compliments of HBO. However, these pedicabs were no ordinary pedicab; they were specially designed to look like the “iron throne,” an iconic aspect of the Game of Thrones brand. Drivers were also outfitted with Game of Thrones t-shirts.
Most of our production can be kept in-house, but for a project of this magnitude we hired a 3rd-party graphics company based in Florida. The “iron throne” cut-outs were an expensive initial investment for HBO, however we were able to preserve them and reuse them for the following Comic-Cons, making them a frugal and worthwhile investment for HBO.
To this day, the Game of Thrones pedicabs are one of the most talked about and popular marketing campaigns of Comic-Con, and one of the most successful campaigns in VIP Pedicab Outdoor Media’s career.