Microsoft – Xbox Lounge Sponsorship

xbox microsoft


San Diego, Gaslamp District, SD Convention Center, SD Comic-Con


Week of SD Comic-Con 2015

Campaign Details:

10 Pedicabs, promoting the Xbox Lounge Experience @The Hyatt


Over 20,000 impressions generated over 4 days. Thousands of organic shares and likes across social media platforms.


Microsoft wanted to promote their Xbox Lounge @The Hyatt exhibit where fans had a chance to play the greatest games lineup in Xbox history!” at San Diego Comic-Con. The week of Comic-Con is insanely hectic, with masses of people crowding downtown San Diego and countless brands vying to compete with each other, so Microsoft knew they needed to come up with a campaign that was unique, exciting and memorable.


VIP Outdoor Media offered 10 pedicabs to swarm the downtown San Diego area and offer free rides to anyone who needed, compliments of Xbox.