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How many People do your Pedicabs Carry? +

Our Pedicabs are custom-designed to seat 5 people per Pedicab. However, depending on individual comfort levels, you may prefer to have 3-4 people in each Pedicab.


I’m thinking about sponsoring Pedicabs or Electric Shuttles for my next convention experience. How can this enhance my exhibit at the convention center?

Our Pedicabs and Electric Shuttles serve as interactive, mobile and experiential methods to take your brand directly to your target audience. Your fleet of vehicles will target the areas surrounding the San Diego Convention Center, making it impossible for your convention peers to miss your message. You will expand your impact far beyond the convention center walls and into the streets of Gaslamp.

Additionally, each one of our drivers is also a trained brand ambassador, ready to build relationships with convention attendees and distribute any marketing collateral you choose to provide. Our ambassadors are also happy to wear branded apparel on behalf of your brand.


Will my passengers be safe in a Pedicab?

Absolutely. VIP Pedicabs are highly maneuverable and travel at safe, comfortable speeds. We only operate on streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Each driver must obtain his or her permit from the city of San Diego, which includes an extensive background check and training process. Our Pedicabs are also insured up to $1,000,000, as per city requirements. Our mechanics maintain our Pedicab fleet daily, making sure each Pedicab is ready to transport your guests. You’re safe with us.


How many Pedicabs do you have in your fleet?

We have a fleet of over 100 Pedicabs (and counting!) which makes us the largest Pedicab company in the nation! You may choose to sponsor any number of Pedicabs for any amount of time! We are committed to working within your budget and individual needs; our priority is making sure you have a one-of-a-kind experience.


How long does it take to finish printing and installation on my Pedicabs?

We take pride in our in-house printing and graphics team. We usually request graphics for your Pedicabs two weeks in advance to make sure our team has time to make your advertisements perfect. However, we can sometimes accommodate last minute requests. Call us to see if we can work some magic!


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