The World’s unique brands deserve the world’s unique advertising.

VIP Outdoor Media has been working with brands to craft personal and affordable convention advertising campaigns for the past decade. We utilize our fleet of fully customizable vehicles to take your brand’s story to the streets of San Diego's Gaslamp. Hence, we help you stand out against the bustling daytime activity or the bright nightlife.


Pedicab and Shuttle Services

Our fleet of Pedicabs and Electric shuttles is always available for your mobile branding needs. To find out how you can increase your brand awareness at your next trade show or convention experience in San Diego, simply contact us.

Creative Advertising

These individually designed and produced Media and Marquee Bikes display your message, either through stunning printed graphics or a digital TV Display. With the same coverage as VIP Outdoor Media’s Pedicab Advertisements, VIP’s custom advertising tactics are a wonderful add-on to any Pedicab or Electric Shuttle convention Sponsorship.

Comic–Con 2020 Opportunities

VIP would like to extend a huge thank to the teams that made Comic–Con 2019 possible. At Comic–Con 2019, we were able to create campaigns for DC Universe, Voodoo Ranger of New Belgium Brewing Company and TikTok. Being chosen to work with so many incredible brands is what gives VIP the drive to continue making dreams come true through our customized campaigns.


What is Pedicab Advertising?

You might be wondering, “what is pedicab advertising?” To keep it simple, it’s marketing that moves. We at VIP Outdoor Media, the number one pedicab advertising San Diego, understand that the world is constantly on the move– commuting, heading out to socialize, and on the go connected to technology and social media outlets. It’s now more important than ever to bring your advertising on the move as well, and put it right in front of your target customers.


 Who is Pedicab Advertising San Diego For?

If you are a unique brand that understands the on-the-go nature of today’s marketplace, then you are exactly the right fit for pedicab advertising. A pedicab is a bicycle that’s attached to a couple of seats in which customers can hop on the back and be escorted around a city, for a unique experience, less hassle than a bus or metro, and typically less cost than a taxi cab. Pedicabs are becoming more and more popular in cities, particularly San Diego, as more consumers become interested in eco-friendly means of transportation and crave a more unique experience when visiting and traveling.

As a business owner, you can take advantage of these desires and changes in the consumer market by showing your support for eco-friendly and unique experiences, and advertising your company’s name.


How Does Pedicab Advertising San Diego Work?

It’s easy and simple. Simply contact us at VIP Outdoor Media, located downtown San Diego, and tell us about your business and brand. We will use any particular branding that you want published for your advertising, and we’ll create the best looking and most eye-catching banners to post on our pedicabs. You can be just like these top companies when you choose our pedicab advertising San Diego firm: ABC, Fox, HBO, HP, Starz, and Showtime. Put your best foot (or pedal) forward as you head towards the future of marketing: on the move, right along with your customers.

Have any questions about how you can get started with pedicab advertising San Diego for your brand?


We can’t wait to work with you!


Unique Sponsorship Opportunity


At VIP Outdoor Media, we take pride in what we do. Namely, we create unique advertising campaigns with the city of San Diego as our canvas. Furthermore, pedicabs are much more than a comfortable and enjoyable transportation option. San Diego Pedicab Advertising campaigns are the perfect sponsorship platforms to drive traffic to your booth while providing corporate sponsors with an engaging advertising tactic. Pedicabs can cover a large target area. During a convention in San Diego, your target audience members are not only near the convention center. Instead, they are traveling around the streets of Gaslamp. VIP Outdoor Media takes your brand directly to those busy streets in an interactive way. Extend your reach beyond the convention center walls with VIP’s custom pedicab advertising.


Free Ride Campaign with VIP Outdoor Media


For companies that want their advertising dollars to generate lasting relationships with their customers, we offer "Free-Ride Campaigns." Free-ride campaigns are the ultimate experiential marketing platform. Why, because they get noticed. They develop customer gratitude translating into brand loyalty. During free ride campaigns, VIP’s drivers serve as brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors deliver your message verbally, through collateral materials, via social media, or even by distributing product
samples. Complimentary pedicab rides, along with advertising, deliver your brand’s message in San Diego. Plus, they are the best way to say “Thank You” to your customers. Even those that don’t take a free ride will associate your brand with this gift.